Monday, July 06, 2015

How to make your own vintage style "bottle brush" trees

Photo from Flamingo Toes
If you love bottle brush trees as much as I do, you will probably want to try this project from the amazing Bev at Flamingo Toes -- Faux Vintage Bottle Brush Trees.  As you will see, these are crafted not from bottle brushes at all, but from foam cones and sisal rope.

Bev has designed these in a couple different sizes, and notice how the small ones have a base made of a vintage spool of thread.  I have a bunch of these on hand!

Bev also gives some great ideas for trimming the trees.  Some are even lighted!

Shaping the trees (by "pruning" them with scissors) doesn't look difficult, but it could be messy.  This might be a great project to do outside on the picnic table this summer.

I hope to try this project, and will definitely post photos if I do!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

A Christmas vignette with a baking theme (from An Extraordinary Day)

Photo by Sharon from Elizabeth & Co.
Okay, I may be taking a chance posting this one in July.  I know I tend to forget about decorating ideas when I find them too far ahead.  But if you have a Christmas notebook or journal, or even just a Christmas file on your computer, and if you enjoy holiday baking as much as I do, you will want to save this idea to use in December.

Vignettes are so appealing in decorating, and Christmas is just a wonderful time to use them.  Diane, at An Extraordinary Day, is so gifted at creating vignettes and then photographs them so beautifully to share the how-tos with others.  This idea of a Christmas baking vignette is so much fun!  This particular idea is a guest post by Sharon of Elizabeth & Co. and it is just lovely.

Not only is it pretty, and not only does it deliver a hefty helping of memories and nostalgia, but it is also useful.  The cookie cutters, sprinkles and rolling pin are right there should you want to bake up a batch of cut-out cookies!  The tiny tree and the jolly snowman add even more sparkle and fun to the scene.

When you click the link for the baking vignette, you will find that Sharon has shared many more photos to give you a better look as to how she assembled it.  I'm pretty sure one of these vignettes is going to find a place in my kitchen this Christmas!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

It's not too early to be making (or thinking about) some small gifts!

Tea wallet

interior of tea wallet
This isn't going to be an extensive post on small gifts for friends, co-workers, etc.  But I wanted to share a few thoughts.  This post: 10 Small Gift Ideas to Give to Your Friends by Sarah Beals at Joy-Filled Days will give you some terrific inspiration.  Some of her ideas are homemade or put together at home; others are things to buy.

I hope to share a few posts this month about small gifts to make.  Some ideas right off the top of my head are coasters, mug mats, tea wallets, dishcloths, potholders --- nice small, uncomplicated projects, some of which could be worked on while traveling or at the lake or the beach.  I've made loads of these sorts of projects in the past and have many ideas to share.  Stay tuned!

Friday, July 03, 2015

Drawstring Gift Bags

Photo by Amy at Positively Splendid
I've been browsing through some of my emails and Pinterest pins to find some interesting and fun projects to share with you for Christmas in July.  I thought this one, which I found at Skip to My Lou, looked like a good project to work on in July: Drawstring Gift Bags.  The tutorial is by Amy of Positively Splendid.  By the time you are ready to wrap your gifts, you could have a nice stack of these pretty gift bags all ready to go!

I love the idea of looking through my fabric stash to find prints to sew up into these nifty bags.  And then looking through my stash of ribbons and trims ... what fun on a summer day to sew some of these up in front of an open window.  Think I'll be trying this!  How about you?

Thursday, July 02, 2015

A fun Christmas poem -- "Holiday Cheer"

A vintage card from my collection
 I'm going to be sharing a few Christmas poems over the course of Christmas in July.  I found several in the November/December 1990 issue of Country Woman and enjoyed each one of them.  I thought my readers would, too!  The first one is "Holiday Cheer" and the poet is Ericka Northrop of Tuscon, Arizona.  Here it is:

Holiday Cheer

Christmas wrappings on the floor,
A choir of carolers at the door,
A tall and twinkling Christmas tree
Bedecked with lights for all to see,

Sparkling ornaments so jolly,
Fragrant pine and shiny holly,
Bells that ring out Christmas cheer
To guide us through the coming year.
~ Ericka Northrop

Hope you've enjoyed this festive little poem!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Christmas in July!

Another card from my friend Ann in New Zealand
Welcome to Christmas in July at my Christmas kitchen!  I hope to be here every day, sharing links for crafts, poems, recipes, memories, ideas and inspiration -- just whatever I can find to help us celebrate!

I thought it would be fun to start this month, with its patriotic holiday, with another vintage card from the parcel my friend Ann sent me awhile back.  This one, with its red, white and blue theme, is perfect!
Inside the card ...
As always, the fonts inside the card are so pretty and unusual.  I like how the red snowflake edge shows through to the front of the card, too.

Hope you've enjoyed my patriotic vintage card!  See you tomorrow for more of Christmas in July!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Planning ahead for Christmas in July

A favorite magazine from my collection
Just a quick little note to say I've been busy as a bee behind the scenes here in the Christmas kitchen.  I've been writing posts like crazy to schedule them ahead for Christmas in July.  We are going to have visiting family here for three weeks in parts of June and July, and I know I would never be able to post daily in July with all that will be going on.  So I'm preparing posts ahead of time -- everything from poems to vintage cards to crafts to recipes -- and I hope you will all enjoy them.  A lot of the posts will be links to ideas I've found through Pinterest, including some of my most frequently repinned items.  Stay tuned!